Best 5 mobile apps for travelling

Best 5 mobile apps for travelling

Get these mobile apps before you next travel to save you time and forget about worrying!


1. TripIt
This smart little app will do all the organising of your itinerary for you! Send your confirmation emails of your hotel, flights, car rental to TripIt and it will keep all your important information in one place. You can even add the directions to your accommodation to avoid getting lost.
Get it now on: App Store or Google Play 

2. Wi-Fi finder
Who can stay offline nowadays? However using your phone abroad might be a bit too costly if you’re using roaming so stay connected over Wi-Fi. This app will help you find the nearest Wi-Fi connection spots in 144 countries. We’re downloading it for sure.
Get it now on: App Store or Google Play 

3. My eVault
Store your valuable documents all in one place during your travels. This award winning app will back up anything from your insurance papers to photos of your bank cards, passports. Perfect solution for complete peace of mind.
Get it now on: App Store

4. TouristEye – Travel Guide
Maps, restaurant recommendations, places to visit – everything you need when you’re in a foreign country and don’t want to walk around with huge maps and several tourist leaflets. Best part is that it works 100% offline!
Get it now on: App Store or Google Play 

5. Google Translate
We know that Google Translate might not always get it 100% right for more complicated phrases, but it is very useful to have to translate all the basics you need. It can also come in handy if you get lost and looking for directions – we’re not saying you will but you know…just in case
Get it now on: App Store or Google Play 

+ 1 ISIC app
If you haven’t already got it then do it now. Check the nearest available discounts that you will get with your ISIC card. It’s completely free of charge to download of course.
Get it now on: App Store or Google Play 

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